Conservative Commandoes Radio Show - GL - Gainor - Milloy - Feb 24, 2022

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Published on Apr 11, 2022
Conservative Commandoes Radio Show - Host: George Landrith w/ Guests Dan Gainor - Steve Milloy - Feb 24, 2022

Dan Gainor is the Vice President of Free Speech America and Business, at the Media Research Center. He’s also a veteran editor whose work has been published or cited in most of the nation’s top publications and broadcast programs. Dan will discuss the war in Ukraine and why supporting Ukraine doesn't necessarily mean that you want to send American troops to Ukraine. He will also discuss how the Obama, Biden and Left and the media have undersold the risks that Russia poses and how peace through strength is the a far better approach than weakness and accommodation and how Trump strengthened NATO and limited Putin's aggression. Dan will also discuss the Left's censorship and willingness to silence those with whom they disagree. It shows the poverty of their ideas and their acknowledgment that their idea are feeble.

Steve Milloy is the Founder of He is also a former member of the Trump Presidential Transition Team that focused on environmental and regulatory issues. Steve will discuss the energy prices and how the Ukraine war is only a small part of the energy prices that we've seen since Biden took office. And while the Ukraine war will increase energy prices, even Biden is to blame for that because of his weak and feckless leadership. The Left has been trying to increase energy prices for decades -- it is part of their agenda. Steve will also discuss the Supreme Court's decision in an important regulatory issue. The EPA has given itself the authority to regulate CO2 even though no statute gives it that authority. So the Supreme Court will decide if an agency can grant itself authority without any underlying legislation.


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