The Complete Ip Man Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form - Section 5

Izzo Wing Chun
Published on Jan 23, 2023
In the Wing Chun martial art style, the wooden dummy form is typically divided into three sections: the first, second, and third sections. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh sections are variations of the first three sections that are designed to further develop and improve technique and body alignment.

The fifth section of the wooden dummy form is a variation of the third section that is designed to help practitioners develop their sensitivity and energy, or "chi sau," as well as their ability to deliver quick, precise strikes and counterattacks.

The fifth section of the wooden dummy form typically involves a series of strikes and techniques delivered to the head, chest, and midsection of the wooden dummy, with an emphasis on maintaining proper body alignment and relaxation, as well as the transfer of energy from the legs and core. The techniques may be delivered from various angles and distances, and may be combined with footwork and other techniques to create a fluid and dynamic flow of movements.

Overall, the fifth section of the Wing Chun wooden dummy form is a valuable training tool that is used to develop and improve sensitivity and energy, as well as the ability to deliver quick, precise strikes and counterattacks in the Wing Chun martial art style.

Wing Chun Kung Fu taught by Retired Police Officer and Tactics Expert, Dominick Izzo.

Dominick Izzo has been training Wing Chun since 1998 and has been teaching in the Chicago area since 2008. He was the first American Wing Chun instructor to be published and published in back to back issues in Wing Chun Illustrated.

He is known for his realistic, aggressive and combative approach to Wing Chun Kung Fu.


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