CCRS TV 4-19-2022 SA RT Driessen, Wrightstone

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Published on Apr 21, 2022
Conservative Commandoes Radio Show - TV Show 4-19-2022 SA RT Driessen, Wrightstone

Paul Driessen (dree-sen) is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and author of articles and books on energy, environmental and human rights issues. TOPIC: Don’t Look Up!

Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition in Arlington, Virginia and an expert reviewer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.. He is the best-selling author of Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know. Gregory is a geologist with more than 35 years spent investigating the Earth and its processes. He earned an undergraduate degree from Waynesburg University and a masters degree in geology from West Virginia University. TOPIC: Blood on the blades: are thousands of dead bald eagles too high a price to pay for “clean” energy


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