How to "Turn" When Attacking

Izzo Wing Chun
Published on Jan 10, 2023
Wing Chun is a martial art that emphasizes close-range combat, quick punches and kicks, and tight defense. The techniques in Wing Chun are designed to neutralize an opponent's strength and leverage through the use of proper body mechanics, positioning, and footwork.

"Shifting" and "turning" are both important concepts in Wing Chun, and they refer to the way the practitioner moves their body during a fight.

Shifting refers to the small, subtle movements of the feet that allow the practitioner to adjust their stance and reposition themselves in relation to their opponent. The idea is to keep the feet planted firmly on the ground, but to be able to move them just enough to maintain a good balance and be able to quickly move in any direction.

Turning, on the other hand, refers to the rotation of the hips and torso to generate power in strikes and also to evade or redirect an attack. Wing Chun practitioners often use a turning motion to generate power in their punches, for example, by turning the hips and torso as they throw a punch. This helps to transfer the power of the legs and core through the arm and into the fist, making the punch more powerful. Also, they can use it to evade an incoming attack by turning the body to get out of the way, while still maintaining good structure and balance.

Both shifting and turning are important in Wing Chun because they allow the practitioner to maintain a good defense while still being able to move quickly and effectively to attack or defend.

It is also worth to mention that wing chun has a very unique stance call the "Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma" (also known as the "Centre-line Stance" or simply "Wing Chun Stance"), which is unlike any other martial arts stances. This stance is designed to keep the practitioner in a balanced and stable position, while also allowing them to easily shift, turn, and move in any direction. It’s most common stance of this martial art.


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