Ep. 254 - Sen. Marsha Blackburn -The RNC, Media & Durham. Michael Loftus - Biden Exits Debates?

Published on Sep 9, 2020
Ep. 254 - Senator #MarshaBlackburn fresh from the #RNC2020 discusses Media Lies, Durham Bombshell? Democrat Senator is now proven to have leaked the FISA Application to the media (which started the whole Mueller investigation) & her latest book The Mind of a Conservative Woman https://amzn.to/2EFrlpo. Then at @23:36 Writer, Producer and Comedian #MichaelLoftus from@The Loftus Partydiscusses the Death of New York, #RepublicansForBiden and is Biden canceling the scheduled #Debates? Find Michael at http://Twitter.com/TheLoftusParty


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