There's Only ONE SIDE Of The Story...And That's Female Empowerment.

John Burk
Published on Jan 23, 2023
Watch yourselves with Janae. She accused me of supporting murder and wanting to “wait for the facts to come out” regarding Zach who committed suicide. Janae tried saying I only want to “wait for the evidence” when it involves men, and not women, because clearly, I’m a misogynist. Well, I kind of am now because that woman’s man needs to reign her in because she’s about to find herself on the receiving end of a lawsuit if she continues to interject herself into other people's legal affairs simply to pander to her audience about what a “good person” she is by fighting for women’s rights. Why doesn’t Janae ever go after women? Ever noticed that? It’s always men. Certainly, there are many examples of toxic femininity she could point out, unless she herself is exactly that and doesn’t realize it so therefore she cannot identify that behavior in others.


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