I Saw a HUGE "Abortion is Normal" Sign on The Freeway, So I Took It Down and Brought It Home

The Patriot Barbie
Published on Feb 13, 2023
Oh boyyyyyyyy. The baby killers gon be piiiiiiised. Do I care? No. I’m very much praying that the Holy Spirit worked. And that some sweet girl was considering abortion today. And this sign would have put her over the edge to say yes. But it’s not there. So I ask you Lord, in your omnipotent power, to redirect this woman, give her peace, discernment and empowerment to accept her baby as HER CHILD and choose LIFE. I gift this banner to you and declare war on the demons that believe “abortion is normal” and want countless women to kill their own children. I rebuke this in Jesus' name and I pray guidance over every woman with a child right now.
The war on children is here and it starts in the womb.


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