5 Memphis Police Officers BRUTALLY Beat Black Suspect

Officer Dominick Izzo
Published on Mar 3, 2023
Memphis Video Captures Officers’ Brutal Beating of Tyre Nichols

The footage shows the police kicking, punching and using a baton on the 29-year-old Black man, who died days later. Five officers were fired and charged with murder. Officials and the Nichols family have called for any protests to be peaceful.

Dominick Izzo is a retired police officer from the Chicago area.

Izzo became a police officer in March of 2001 after his first test and served the Round Lake Area community as a patrol officer, NIPAS MFF, FTO, Juvenile Officer, Defensive Tactics / Use of Force Expert, DUI enforcer, community liaison, OIC and more.

Izzo fought against the immoral, unethical and illegal activates by command staff and village officials and spearheaded the efforts to expose them.

In 2016, during a federal lawsuit against the department, where Izzo discovered illegal surveillance, Izzo was terminated for a department policy violation. In 2019 after a successful fight against his corrupt former chief, Izzo was cleared, fully reinstated and retired with good standing. In 2018 Izzo ran for Cook County Sheriff in the Chicago area.

Izzo is currently a radio and podcasting host, entrepreneur, media liaison, and author of Before the Badge: Everything You Need to Know Before You Become a Cop


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