CAR COACH... DO NOT BUY Flood Damaged Cars

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Published on Sep 13, 2021
Do NOT Buy Flood Damaged Cars

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

It is a perfect storm that can lead to bad choices with flood damaged cars everywhere. Cars swamped in recent hurricannes and stormwaters could return to the market far away from the hurricane zone. Thousands of cars are flood and water damaged or destroyed every year, in Katrina and Rita hurricanes there was over 500,000 vehicles damaged. Some were crushed or parted out while others never made it to junkyard. They ended up on used car lots, auctions and sales to unsuspecting buyers.

Now add that into a used car shortage, now you have huge demand and the supply is low for new and used cars. Don’t get tricked into buying a flood damaged cars that will leave you drowning in bills, no warranty and dangers. People are desperate - but don’t be foolish - if it looks too good to be true - IT IS!

I’ll explain…


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