STILL MOURNING. How Aborting My First Child Has Changed Me Forever

The Patriot Barbie
Published on Jan 25, 2023
I had the honor of sharing my abortion testimony tonight with @tpusafaith at @tpusafaith_dreamcity church. God uses my pain and regret to help other women heal, restore, forgive themselves or maybe even make a different decision that they would have.
Your baby is a gift. You will NEVER regret giving your child life. Never.
But abortion comes with consequences and a lifetime of remorse. I would know.
I took the life of my first baby at 22 years old and 20 years later, I still mourn for that child.
As a woman who chose death over life, I urge all women to reconsider ever accepting abortion as “healthcare”. It is the opposite. Your health matters and choosing to take the life from your very own baby is one of the most detrimental choices for your own health you could ever choose. Do not be deceived. You are not mistakenly pregnant and your baby is not a clump of cells. Your baby is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. Give him or her a chance to simply LIVE.
No judgment, no lectures and certainly no persecution.
If you’re considering abortion, please DM me so that I can support you and help you to see your baby as God intended. With purpose.
He created you at conception, and He did the same in your womb. Your child is intentional and you deserve the joy of seeing her or him come into this world and change your life for the better FOREVER.
I endorse, partner and donate to @choices_az. I am happy to drive you to a clinic to get cared for by people who will love you, guide you and give you the encouragement and support you need. That your little baby needs too ❤️❤️


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