Bypassing the Government with Stevan the Model Anarchist

Rants Of Izzo Show
Published on Dec 29, 2022
Anarchy is a political philosophy that advocates for the abolition of all forms of government and the creation of a society based on voluntary cooperation and mutual aid. It is often associated with the idea of self-governance and the rejection of authority and hierarchy. Anarchists believe that individuals and communities can organize themselves in ways that are more effective, just, and fulfilling than those that rely on central authority or coercion.

Anarchy is a broad term that encompasses a range of ideologies and practices, and there are many different interpretations and approaches to anarchism. Some anarchists advocate for a gradual transition to an anarchist society through activism and education, while others believe that a complete overhaul of society is necessary. Anarchists often believe in the importance of individual freedom and autonomy, and seek to create societies that are free from coercion and domination.
The Rants of Izzo Show!

Random, comedic and politically incorrect!

Every night for one hour, two talented radio hosts: Dominick Izzo and Common Sense Ashley come together to deliver a unique stream of consciousness for their loyal and growing audience. Those easily offended need not apply. Mature audiences only.

Dominick Izzo is a retired police officer, former political candidate, author and Warrior for Christ. His mission is healing police community relations and modeling the oath he swore when wearing the badge. Izzo believes his greatest service is to God and in serving his community he is living the calling that he was made for.

Common Sense Ashley is a California free thinker, former political candidate and current business owner. Her strength is communicating the blaring hypocrisies that divide us and unite those willing to step away from ego. Ashley knows that common sense is subjective but basic human needs are similar.


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